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Solar Powered Car Wash

The next time you drive by the Car Wash & Detailing of Westborough, check out the 99 solar panels on our roof (East side next to Dunkin Donuts).

In 2008, the Car Wash & Detailing of Westborough installed a 19,000 watt solar electric system to reduce energy costs and provide clean pollution-free electricity. Working with a local consult and the State of Massachusetts and its Commonwealth Solar Program, the car wash was able to purchase and install the panels with the help of rebates and tax credits from the state and federal government.

How does it work?

The panels generate energy that is sent to NGrid through a special monitoring system and meter. The car wash can monitor its own solar energy production and emissions. Generally, the energy created covers 30% of our energy costs. Any surplus electricity is sold back to the utility and the monitoring equipment literally spins the electric meter backwards.

In addition to the solar panel installation $75,000 of new energy efficient equipment was installed.

solar panels on westboro car wash

Solar panels at the car wash.

solar panels on roof of westboro car wash

99 solar panels on the roof of the car wash.

Solar Electric System Facts

  • 99 panels, 19,000 watt solar electric system.
  • The 99 panels reduce the car wash's electric use by 30%.
  • Any surplus electricity is sold back to the utility and literally spins the electric meter backwards.
  • The energy saving per year is equivalent to energy it takes to power 165 homes for one day.
  • The solar energy system will reduce the car wash's carbon footprint by 17,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. That's close to 500,000 pounds over the life of the solar panels and is equivalent to taking 50 cars off the road for a year.


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